usb mount and policykit [EN]


When you’re not on the ' DWM as my tiled window manager and loving it for years. It’s fast, flexible and fun. My linux desktop is up and running after a few seconds… (ok, thanks also to the ssd :-) ).

But, after I upgraded to Ubuntu 14.04, I’ve lost the ability to mount my usb disks with the file manager (same problem with Nautilus or Thunar). I’m getting this frustrating¬†“not authorized” message.
My work around was to ‘pmount’ the disk. It works but I need to search for the right device before, with dmesg, then provide the right syntax. Not so fun.

After digging a while, I found out that authorizations are managed with policykit. So after reading man page after man page, posts after posts, I found a way to easily mount my usb disks in my file manager.

Just edit a new policykit config file :

sudo nano /etc/polkit-1/localauthority/50-local.d/55-myconf.pkla

The number and the .pkla extension are mandatory to respect. The name ‘myconf’ is as you will.
Inside this file, insert those lines :

[Dealing with disks]

Now, we have to restart DBUS as it’s the service that launch the polkitd daemon

sudo restart dbus

If you launch, as I do, gnome-settings-daemon manually, you need to relaunch it after dbus

gnome-settings-daemon -r &

That’s it ! Plug a usb drive and use your file manager to browse it. No more ‘not authorized’ message¬†!