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Install iso on USB key using #Linux console only

How to flash any iso (think about your favorite distro) on an USB key without graphical IHM ? sudo dd if=/path/to/image.iso of=/dev/sda1 status=progress oflag=sync “/path/to/image.iso” is the path to the ISO file /dev/sda1 is your USB key device (see below to get yours) status=progress show flashing progression oflag=sync to synchronize write access on the USB

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usb mount and policykit [EN]

When you’re not on the ‘Desktop Environment‘ side and rather be in light linux config, you have to deal with annoying little problems. I’m using DWM as my tiled window manager and loving it for years. It’s fast, flexible and fun. My linux desktop is up and running after a few seconds… (ok, thanks also

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