ZSH, nohup and background process that lasts…

When I switched to  ZSH, and letting BASH behind, I missed some behaviour : one of them was the ability to quit my terminal while some jobs are still alive.

In ZSH, I get a message like this if I exist with running jobs :

zsh you have running jobs

If I exit again, my jobs are killed. But zsh accept some useful option to overide this :

setopt NO_HUP

First one is for not killing process after terminal exit, and second one is for not warning you about it.

Get rid of the Desktop icon in Nautilus 3.10 side bar

Add in ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini


Remove all entries in ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs but let this one :


If you remove this too, each time nautilus is launched, it will create a ~/Desktop folder.

Remove folder Desktop if it exists