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Install iso on USB key using #Linux console only

How to flash any iso (think about your favorite distro) on an USB key without graphical IHM ? sudo dd if=/path/to/image.iso of=/dev/sda1 status=progress oflag=sync “/path/to/image.iso” is the path to the ISO file /dev/sda1 is your USB key device (see below to get yours) status=progress show flashing progression oflag=sync to synchronize write access on the USB

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Tmux for the impatient

New session : tmux Attach to a session : tmux a Detach : Ctrl+b d Scroll : Ctrl+b PgUp/PgDown (quit with q) also can use mouse after first page up or down Copy mode : Ctrl+b [ (quit with q) Split horizontally : Ctrl+b “ Split vertically : Ctrl+b % Switch pane : Ctrl+b arrow key Resize pane :

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