2048 Gremlins [EN]

2048 le jeu

Do you know Gabriele Cirulli ? He is the 2048 game creator : a very famous game where you have to slide the numbered tiles to join same numbers, and cumulate them to obtain 2048 !

Now, do you know Gremlins.js ? A Javascript library made by Marmelab to brute force test web application : it’s like releasing on your app thousand gremlins clicking every where, typing non-sense input on keyboard, so they may detect breaches in your app.

Ok, so I mixed the two of them, and I get 2048Gremlins ! It’s like letting the gremlins play 2048 !

Disclaimer !

  • quick and dirty code here. I just wanted to show it’s possible 🙂
  • only for Firefox : sorry for webkits engine (chrome, safari, …) but keyboard simulation does only work in Firefox (until someone points me to the solution for webkit 🙂 )
  • Gremlins are bad at 2048 🙂 random isn’t a good strategy to access high scores 🙂

It was fun to hack those wonderfull projects and it made me learn more things about gremlins.js.

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